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(3/30/2012 update: SINCE THE TIME THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN IN JUNE ’07 I HAVE MADE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM CASHCRATE - here is a video of one of my most recent check along with a picture of a check from November 2011 – (CashCrate proof of payment)
You should never pay to join a survey site as all legitimate sites are free. CashCrate is real and it is one of the best free paid survey sites there is. This is my CashCrate review. (13 years and older for this so it is a great job ideas for teens and it is absolutely free!)
As of 3/30/2012 I have now made thousands of dollars. I have gotten a check from CashCrate every month and promptly too. There is obviously good money to be made here.
It is easy to sign up to Cash Crate and start making money and they will send you a check just like the one you saw in my video. They have an active forum as well where you can find all the help you should ever need and an simple to understand website that is easy to navigate.
Your First Step
Your first step is to go to your members area were all the surveys and offers will be displayed. You will probably want to start out with all the offers that say “Register for free”. First do a sort like I show below to find all the 100% free offers sorted by the highest payout. You are here to make money on Cash Crate so you might as well start from the highest paying offers and go down.
Scroll down through the offers to see if there are any that look appealing. You can do any offer, of course, but the easiest by far are the register for free offers. The two offers below should take a total of 2 to 3 minutes to fill out and will get you a quick easy buck. Look for others like these that will only take you a minute or two to do. Please note, you should sign up for a free second email address through Gmail, Yahoo, or Aol so that any followup email you may get from the survey and offer companies does not go to your regular email address. You will probably not get a lot of spam but it is better to be safe.
You should continue to do all these “register for free” offers until you run out of them. Once you do, you can then choose other offers such as the surveys until you reach your $20.00 Cash Crate payment threshold. The surveys take a bit longer and that is why I recommend starting with all the register for free offers. You can get ambitious and sign up for offers that are not free if you like for bigger payouts, but that is absolutely not necessary.
Hint #1: Don’t do the ringtone offers because they are not free even though they say they are. All you have to do is enter your cell phone # but your cell phone bill will then be charged a monthly fee. I did this and learned the hard way so unless you really want ring-tones, don’t do any of these offers.
Hint #2: You should clear your computer cookies between every offer just to be safe. Some offers are from the same company and sometimes if you already have their cookie on your computer for the first offer you will not get credit for the second offer. This need to clear your computer cookies will apply for all survey sites and not just with CashCrate.
How To Refer Others For More Money
The best way to make money with CashCrate and any other survey site is to refer people. This is 100% optional and you do not need to refer anyone ever to get paid. The first level commission for CashCrate(those who sign up under you) is 25% and the second level pays 10% (those that sign up under the person who signed up under you). This is more that any other survey site pays and what makes CashCrate so wonderful.  This is a great way for someone to get started making money online and the best kind of passive income on the Internet.
How would I recommend getting started referring people to Cash Crate? Once you earn your $20.00 you should have a feel for the system and have learned how to do things quicker and make money faster. As you learn tips you can pass them along to others. You might start a blog about surveys or put up a Squidoo lens or write articles. One method you cannot use is to promote CashCrate on Myspace, Facebook, and other similar sites as their terms say that will get you banned. I am now making over $1,000 a month and I highly recommend them as one of the totally honest 100% legitimate survey sites.
Here is a list of some of the ways people are being creative and making referrals:
1. Post on GPT forums
2. Refer Friends and Family
3. Refer Guild Members/Online Friends
4. Door hang with home made flyers
5. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars
6. Make a blog
7. Keep your referal link on your Sig on all forums with a breif explanation
8. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making”
9. Stick an add in the classifieds
10. Go down to your local college and talk to passerbyers (college kids always need money!)
11. Put a flyer up at work
12. Get a magnetic strip/sticker to put on your car so you advertise while you drive!
13. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos
14. Seed/Upload your files alot? Stick a .txt in an RAR file with whatever you are uploading with your referal link and instructions
15. Give flyers for local buisnesses to hand out (Go to a food delivery place, see what it will take for them to coupon your flyers, may I suggest chinese?)
16. Send out flyers in a mailing list ( is one site you can get mailing lists)
17. Get a bot/macro to post your link with a simple explanation on any server you may be hosting/running
18. Make A Web Site
19.Tell people thru IM
20. Links Exchange
21 print business cards and include your phone number to enter into business drawings (like you find in a lot of restaurants)
Whatever you do remember it is free to sign up to Cash Crate. They have a great active forum with lots of help if you need it. This is a great way to make extra money online and get some money coming in. Many people (including me!) make hundreds every month and you can also read about how they do it in the forums. This is one of the many ways to make money you should be doing to add some extra spending money to your budget. It is easy and anybody can do it and CashCrate is the best survey site I know of. If you have any questions about this CashCrate reveiw please let me know in the comment section.


Just because the internet is such a powerful entity these days, that doesn’t mean that a website is an absolute must. Gain an edge with degrees from MBA accredited schools to learn more about gaining an edge in the internet world without a website.
Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of getting a domain name, buying hosting, and then figuring out how to get a website or blog up. It can be quite a daunting task for a newbie. Or maybe you are just starting out and just want to get your feet wet. Here are 2 specific ways to earn money on the Internet without having a website:
1) FusionCash (100% free method) This is how I got started making money online. You get paid to do things you normally do anyways. You will get paid to play games online, read emails, take surveys, and other things. You get a $5.00 bonus for signing up and it is always free with no fees. They pay by check and will never ask you for money.
2) CashCrate (100% free method) I got paid $866.97 in November 2010 and I have been paid every month. In this CashCrate review post, I show you how to make money through surveys at CashCrate. This is a great place to start off and you can get some good spare cash coming in. It is free and they will never ask you for money. (13 years and older for this so it is a great way for a teen to make money and it is absolutely free!)

Best Part-Time Jobs Online!

If you are looking to work during the evening, you might want to try working online in some form of part time work from home job. If you can be successful right at home, it is much easier than actually having to go out and do a real job at night. Most work from home jobs can be done part time in the evening hours.
There are many ways to make a part time income online from home and I have outlined a few of them here on my ways to make money page. Many of them are free to get started and my favorite is Swagbucks where you can make some extra money for doing many of the things online that you do anyway. It is not a real job but just a way to make some extra spending money. Signing up is totally FREE and you will never have to pay a dime to join or participate. When you reach the payout threshold they will mail you a check for the amount of money you have earned.
The best part time evening jobs are different for every person. Some people want and need a real part time job where they can earn a sizable part time income while others are just looking to make ends meet and make some extra cash. Whichever situation applies to you, I am sure you can find the solution somewhere on this blog.
You might also try a website call cashcrate. You earn money very simply, by doing surveys, referring others who do surveys, or you can watch video. They will send you a check monthly. This is a major source of income for me!
If you are the more ambitious type and a little computer savvy, then you might try using Adfly and BidVertiser! Adfly will help you earn money from helping other people and giving them the tools to be successful. In other words use adfly to make money off any links on your website! As for BidVertiser, well this is how you can add advertisements or also known as monetizing your website! 


Let me show you something that is 100% legitimate, 100% FREE, and it is how I first started earning money online. In fact, I still earn money with CashCrate today and you can see a short video of my June 24, 2013 check for $193.15 and a picture of my December check below the video. These are not faked and you can see my site ( watermarked on the picture of the check and in the video. This is so other websites don’t try to steal and use them.

Month after month for almost 7 years now I have gotten a check from CashCrate and they are absolutely above board. CashCrate is a website where it is FREE to sign up, there are no fees, and you never have to spend a dime. You make money by filling out surveys, doing offers, and learning how to refer other people. Some of the offers cost money but you never have to do them if you don’t want to. I have NEVER spent a penny and you don’t need a credit card.
There is a great forum at CashCrate and the people there will be helpful with all questions you might have. Additionally, there is a good video tutorial as well as written tutorials to help you get started once you sign up. Anyone who wants a real way to get started making money online that is not a scam might want to think about signing up.
If you want to learn ways to make extra money online, CashCrate is a great place to get your first check like I did 4 years ago. I must warn you that IT IS NOT A JOB though, and you will not make anywhere near what my check is for. It has taken me a long time to learn how to get this kind of check so yours will be much smaller.


Update: Google is NOT hiring! You’ve seen the ads everywhere by now:
Google Money Grants
Google Easy Street
Google Profit Club
Google Cash Kit
Internet Payday
Web Money Training
Google jobs from home
Stay home Google jobs
Google work from home
Automatic Profit System
Work at home Google jobs
Weekly Consumer Newsletter
Profits at Home Using Google
Google pays me posting links online
Work from home posting links on Google
Post links on Google and make up to $397 per day
Those ads all lead to something like Scott’s Money Blog or Mary’s Money Blog or anyone of a million names which are FAKE one page blogs with FAKE testimonials, FAKE comments and a FAKE Scott Hunter. Other ads lead to landing pages that look like the first page of some newspaper or magazine site. They give a lot of fake stories and then lead you to buy a “Google” money making kit or system. They all say you can work from home for Google like it is a real legitimate authorized job. Well, it isn’t and these Google jobs blogs are scams.
12/4/09 Update: some of these one page sale sites are getting more sophisticated and look much more real than they did before. The fake newspaper format is popular along with other types of salespages that look very convincing. Bottom line: anything saying you can work at home with Google, work from home with Google, or touting any sort of a money making kit having to do with Google is NOT AUTHORIZED by Google. Google is just a search engine and posting links on Google is not a job no matter how convincing these ads sound. They have also changed the sales pages to read “with Google” or “using Google”.
All these fake blogs (called flogs) are there to trick you into buying some unauthorized Google money system or Google Home Biz Kit. They make it sound like you will be working for Google posting links and they make it sound oh so easy. Scott will say he makes $9,000 per month and there is a picture of him together with his bride and it is all false. They even have these ads so that his bio reads that he is from the same city as you are and they do that by reading your IP address that can identify where you are connecting to the Internet from.
Posting links on Google is NOT a work at home jobs option nor is it a career and it is nothing like what they make it seem. What you will be required to do after paying money to them is to figure out how to put your own Adwords campain up on Google (which you will have to pay more for and if you don’t know what you are doing you can lose your shirt) and hope people click on your ads and buy some crap that you will then be selling. You can earn money with Google but you really need to know what you are doing. The worst thing is though, that once you give your credit card for the low $1.97 shipping for your “kit”, you will then be charged some outrageous MONTHLY FEE of $129.96 or $79.99 or $49.99 or whatever the particular ad says! Then you will have to get on the phone and try to get your “membership” cancelled.WORST OF ALL, REPORTS ARE THAT YOU WILL NEVER GET THE KIT!
This is from the terms and conditions for something called Internet Payday: If you do not cancel within the 3-day trial period, you will be charged a one-time amount of $129.95. In addition, you will be provided access to an online Learning Center which will bill at $39.98, unless you cancel, 30-days from the date of enrollment and you will be re-billed every 30 days at $39.98 per month until cancelled.
It is all very dishonest because they make it sound like it is part of Google and you will be working for Google and it is authorized by Google when in fact NONE OF THAT IS TRUE! They could have called it the “Yahoo work from home jobs” or  ”post links on Bing and make up to $397 per day” and in fact that is probably what they will do next.
This is the latest craze of dishonesty that has swept the web and it is obviously paying off because these ads are everywhere. There are no stay at home Google jobs and you can’t make money posting links like they want you to believe so please steer clear of the Google jobs scam.

If you want something that is not a scam please go to how I make money online. This is how I started making money and I have pictures and videos of proof of my earnings. Also, it is 100% free.


Use CashCrate to make some extra $$’s
Jobs for 15 year olds, jobs for 16 year olds, jobs for 17 year olds are extremely hard to find in 2011 and probably will be in 2012 as well. So, while you are trying to find a job you can do this to make a little extra money online.
Make sure you understand that this IS NOT A JOB but just a fun way to make extra money. If you are just hoping to make some spending money to pad your allowance, you might try CashCrate. Anyone 13 and older can join and as you can see by the video and check below, I have had good success. Once you sign up you which is TOTALLY FREE you should do all the “Register for Free” offers” which are the easiest ones to complete. You might also go to the forum where you can read the tutorial on how to get started and see what other people are saying about Cash Crate and how they are making money. Again, you never have to send CashCrate a dime as it is all 100% free. There are offers that you need a credit card for but you never have to do them. It’s a great way to earn money for that extra video game you want to buy!
CashCrate has just revamped their site and it is now easier than ever to use and under stand. Again, you NEVER have to give them a credit card and it is where I got started making money online when I was just starting out. I get paid every month by them by check that they send to my address in the US mail.

Best Ways to Make Money Risk Free!

**How To Start Making Money For Free
You might have reached this post because you are fed up with all the lies and money making scams online. You have been looking for job ideas and you want to learn no charge ways to make money but every where you turn there is a “system” that requires you to pay money upfront. When you do pay the fee, you find out it is just like the last make easy money scam you purchased. For instance, stuffing envelopes from home would fall into this scam category. Maybe you have avoided paying anything so far and if so, good for you. You are ahead of the game because most other people start out by being scammed a couple of times.
Many of these scams involve selling you “turnkey websites”. The word “turnkey” is one of the best advertising gimicky words ever created for scamers to take your money. Who wouldn’t like a website where all you have to do is turn a key and have money flow out of it? It sounds like one of the best all time ways to make money, doesn’t it? The problem is that there is no such thing no matter what anyone tells you. A turnkey website is just a website that has been put together for you. It is not magical and not special in any way and it won’t make you a dime unless you know how to drive traffic to it. Many of these guru’s ”programs” and “systems” invlove giving you one of these turnkey websites and then hoping you will believe you are going to make easy money.
So, lets assume you paid $97.99 or some other high price and you now have yourself a turnkey website. So what? There are hundreds of millions of websites out there on the Internet.  Is your new website any different or better than all the others? No! Your website that you got from the “guru” with the fantastic claims of fast money will be getting zero visitors and making zero dollars. Do you know how to get targeted traffic to that site so that it will make sales? Will the guru who you just paid that $97.99 to for this next to worthless site tell you? The only thing he might tell you is to go spend more money on Pay Per Click to get traffic. That is a mistake you don’t want to make and you may lose your shirt trying that.
The end result is that you are left with your website that no one knows about and makes you nothing and you still have to pay $4.95 or $9.95 per month to keep it up with hosting. You have no clue how to get visitors to your site who will buy, the guru has gone on to scam others and won’t help you, and eventually you just give up. You are still no closer to finding any good ways to make money online. Sound familiar?
**Make Money Risk Free - Can It be done?
Now, you were probably searching for something like “how to make money without money” or “how to make money with no risk” or “ways to make easy money” online jobs with no fees” or even “free ways to make money online”. The result is that you found this post. You probably have been trying to figure out if there are any totally risk free ways to make money where you don’t have to pay anything up front. No investment, no charge, no credit card payment, totally free, with no possibility of being scammed. Even if you fail, you won’t be out a dime because they are free ways to make money. Sound about right?
Actually there are some free methods to make money on the Internet and they are how I got started. Now, none of these methods are going to make you rich or provide you even a part time job. They are just going to be stepping stones to getting you started making some free money online. Right now you might not think that is even possible depending on whether you have been scammed before and/or how much you have lost. I think the best course of action is to get that first payment, no matter how small, and then try to figure out how to make it bigger the next time. Remember, these are just the first steps to making money online.
Hopefully once you start making a little moeny then you can afford to reinvest that money and pay for a website or blog like this one and learn other ways to make more money on the Internet. I do want you to know, however, that if you ever want to make any decent money online (say maybe $200 a month and up), you are eventually going to have to spend some money. But that is OK if you have already made that money and are willing to reinvest it.
**The First Steps To Making Free Money Online
Your first step is to sign up to places that will never ask you for any payment or credit card. CashCrate is one of the first places I ever made money at and now I make $500 to $1000 per month and I have never paid them a cent to join or participate. They pay me every month and it is money I can rely on. Please read my Cash Crate Review and see the quick video of one of my checks as proof. You won’t be making $200 at first but this is a good place to start for anyone over 13 years old. This is one of the great ways for teens to make money and start learning.
You never want to do just one thing to make money on the Internet because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. CahsCrate is only one of many ways I make money and there are other similar sites like it. You might also sign up for FusionCash and when you do they will start you out with $5.00 already in your account. They are a little different than CashCrate but you can make some free money there as well. Again, you want to spread yourself out and make as much as you can at each site. You might also like one or the other better or have more luck with one.
8) Irazoo
**Your Next Steps To Making More Money Online
I will assume that you can make at least $40.00 from the two sites mentioned above and that will of course depend on how much time you spend. The next site is called Project Payday and it is different from the ones above. Project Payday is more like a work at home job than the other ones but you won’t need a blog or website to participate. It involves incentivized freebie websites and getting paid to try out trial offers from online advertisers. You will need to use a little of the $40.00 you made above but you will get most of it back and eventually more if you learn how to do it.
Project Payday will not be for everyone and you may either love it or hate it. There is work to this but you can realistically earn a couple of hundred dollars a day if you want to put in the effort. I have done a three part Project Payday review which you should read to understand more about the concept behind incentivized freebie websites and how you can make money with them. There are people that love this concept and do very well with it, but they do have to work at it.
**A Legitimate  Make Money Program
If you have read this far, I should tell you about one of the most legitimate tutorials online that will walk you through how to set up money making blogs or websites for a long term income and get traffic to them. The Keyword Academy is 100% FREE for the first and it will save you tons of time and confusion if you are just starting out. Anyone who is just beginning to try to learn how to make money online will be walked step by step through the process of researching niches and making blogs or websites around those niches to make money.
Read the sales page and notice one thing: there are no pictures of outrageous homes, boats, and cars and the crap that is plastered throught the sales page of many other make money scams. There are no claims of how much money you will make because how much you make depends on how hard you work. Please see my more in depth analysis here – The Keyword Academy review. With this turorial you will learn the basics of how to build blogs, write content, and get targeted traffic to those blogs which will translate into sales. This is no scam: this is how I and thousands of other marketers make money online.
The Keyword Academy is totally free for the first month and you will NOT be charged during that time. It is a truly no risk opportunity. If this were around when I started out 2+ years ago, it would have saved me about a year of wasted time floundering all over the place trying to sift between the scams and reality of making money online.
**In Conclusion
You really don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get started earning some extra money online. You can choose to spend money if you have it and many do. Just don’t expect any overnight miracles with heaps of cash flowing in. Some people are successful but most are not because they are impatient, have too high expectations, discover it is too hard and involved, and ultimateley give up. Despite what you might have heard, there is very little easy money online and it takes work. If you want to make money from home and turn it into a work from home job, you have a long road ahead. But it can be done with patience and steady learning and it is possible to get started without any investment. Really it is…I did it!